Texas Defensive Driving

We received approval from the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration, and are now able to email Certificates of Completion to Texas Defensive Driving students who complete their course on or after 11/9/18. If you need another copy, please contact a Customer Experience Hero.

If you completed your course prior to to 11/9/18 and need another copy, it must be mailed to you per state regulation. If this is the case, you can purchase one below.


Driving records will be emailed to you within 48-72 hours.


You only need to order shipping if you completed your course before 11/09/2018 and need a replacement certificate. When ordering a new certificate, keep in mind that if you need expedited shipping, you will need to add that to your order as well. You should have a total of TWO items in your cart when checking out if you need expedited shipping. Otherwise, your certificate will be sent with standard shipping.

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